Theatre Centre Lewes


Theatre Centre is a place where your child can explore their imagination, develop confidence to express themselves clearly and effectively and gain valuable life skills.

Story is at the heart of everything we do; whether that is through improvisation, devising or creating theatre – it is what we are known for.

Theatre Centre currently offers three classes, which run on Saturdays. Regular attendance and a long-term commitment are encouraged, as this is the key to unlocking the potential in each child.

Each term is themed, each class is structured and each term ends with a workshop, presentation or play.

The overall aim of Theatre Centre is for every child to have a positive and fun experience.

All the information you need is here on this page but please call me if you have any questions or queries on 07840 166 947 or

Best Wishes, Richard (Director)




We are so grateful for your classes. They are an easy and relaxed experience that we know Ivar enjoys on his Saturdays; and he loves the kids there too. You produced a fantastic play in the Grange - well done everyone. We were really impressed by how much the kids had to learn and how well they did each scene. Alice Davies 

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Classes and Times

Saturdays, Southover School, Potters Lane, Lewes

(You can park on the play ground when you enter via Potters Lane)

First Stage (Years R to Yr2) 9.30am - 10.30am

Centre Stage (Years 3 to 6) 10.30am - 12pm


Production of The Firework-Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman, adapted by A.J. Alexander

This spring term we are staging an adaptation of The Firework-Maker's Daughter with both classes.


The play will be on Sunday 25th March 2018 at 12pm


Join us for Summer Term 2018

Classes start on 21st April.


Please contact Richard on 07840 166 947 or email  to book a taster class or to chat about what we do.

Thank you Richard for being so caring, dedicated and adept at bringing out the very best in the children. Caroline Morrison


We all thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic performance. My son absolutely loved it and I can see how much it has helped his self-confidence. Rachael Bland

Anna has learned a great deal at Intrepid and has loved being part of the plays. You do great work, Richard. Thank you.

Katie Masters

A superb production. We were blown away. Ohana Banerjee 

The Lost King, July 2017

We absolutely loved the production today. You have a have a real gift for getting the very best from the children; and it really showed in their performances. Chloe Sendall

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