Speech & Drama Exams

Spring term at Theatre Centre focuses on speech & drama skills and children have the option of entering a Trinity College (London) speech & drama exam.


I find these exams better suited than the more traditional LAMDA exam as they offer the freedom for children to choose their own pieces and a more creative approach to interpreting texts & dramatic situations through acting, mime and improvisation.


The grading system is very similar to LAMDA in so much as the grade is matched to the age & experience/ability of the child. Younger children can enter as a group and this works well too.


The word exam or test can send shivers down the spine for some people but I can assure you the term is relaxed, as is my approach and the Trinity College examiner who visits is very good at putting the children at ease.


I will e-mail you details about entering in January. See the links to information on the exams on this page.







Flo was really nervous about going up a grade and the greater emphasis on improvisation this time around, which she hasn't done before. Richard, you took the time, in class and one-to-one, to help her practise in a safe, imaginative and encouraging space and to build her confidence - so much so, to her amazement, she achieved full marks in this area. She was delighted, especially as it taught her that new pastures don't have to be as frightening. Thank you. Best wishes, Kate and Geoff Inns-Slater


Thank you Richard for being so caring, dedicated and adept at bringing out the very best in the children. Caroline Morrison


Trinity College (London) drama & speech exam results 2017


Grades Initial - 6 (Foundation to Advanced)

Distinctions 3 children

Merits 19 children

Passes 1 child

100% pass rate



Trinity College (London) drama & speech exam results 2016


Young Performers Certificate Silver, pass 7 children (pass only)

Grades 1 - 6 (Foundation to Advanced)

Distinctions 9 children

Merits 11 children

Passes 2 children

100% pass rate


Trinity College (London) drama & speech exam results 2015


Grades 1 - 4 (Foundation to Intermediate)

Distinctions 13 children

Merits 5 children

Passes 2 children

100% pass rate


Please click on the above information to view details of your child's exam on Sunday 26th March 2017.

Exam grade information